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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Samkok Web

Sam Kok Web is a Web Game take context of Three Kingdoms in Chinese history with high  ethusiasm through out the game in the battle for the throne.
No installation disk, no download, no install,  players can play this strategic game directly through Internet browser.
Sam Kok Web give prominence to “you”  who is the true commander in the game, born in the chaotic time of Three Kingdoms, find allies, swear brotherhood to seek achievement, fight with enemy for the throne.
Along with famous historic general, the development of your castle, your army, your tactic of researching science and technology, let’s fight for supremacy in Three Kingdoms.
Sam Kok Web base on the progressive of the Internet and professional technical exploitation team has reach a level that other game can not compare with. Samkok Web bring to Khmer gamers by VTC Online.

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